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*Kids@Work is also known as Little Ones at Work/ Bring Your Children to Work Day


All you working mums and dads should be most familiar with the topic at hand today. For those who prefer a formal definition, Kids@Work is known to be a day where employees of a company can bring their children to work for a day. Typically, child-friendly and work-related programmes will be organized so that the little ones can get a glimpse into their parent’s daytime routine.

Kids@Work can be pretty inspirational to both parents and kids thus we would definitely encourage you to participate if your workplace has such an upcoming event. Why inspirational? Well, we all know kids are honest to fault so there is really no greater motivation than seeing your children being awed by your occupation. Moreover, children can get the chance to be exposed to their parent’s working lifestyle. This could potentially inspire them to think about the possibilities that exist in their future!

In this week’s LolliBox article, we offer some insights and suggestions to help you plan the most extraordinary Kids@work event 🙂







We cant think of a better way of keeping the little ones happy than serving the most delicious food during their designated meal times! Usually, depending on the duration of the whole event, there can be several time slots for eating with the most common being breakfast, lunch and teatime. It is highly encouraged for parents to eat with their kids and talk to them about their experiences during the day so as to provide more opportunities for parent-child bonding.

While choosing the perfect caterer for your event, do also take note of dietary restrictions of your participants, as you wouldn’t want to take the fun out of their day with them getting ill with the food! We have listed several caterers below that can give you the most bang for the buck. You may also be happy to know that these caterers are halal-certified and even have the option of healthier menus for the health conscious!


DeliHub –

Ala-carte buffet starts from as low as $7.99+ per pax (8 courses)

High tea buffet starts from as low as $2.50+ per pax (3 courses)


Stanford catering –

Ala-carte buffet starts from as low as $8+ per pax ( 7+1 courses)

High tea buffet starts from as low as $3+ per pax ( 3+1 courses)


Neo Garden –

Ala-carte buffet starts from as low as $9.99+ per pax ( 8 courses)

High tea buffet starts from as low as $3.50+ per pax ( 3 courses)





Children’s attention span can be incredibly short so you may like to include some fun and interactive stage performances to keep them entertained! While magic shows and juggling acts may be the tried and tested methods that all kids are a fan of, why not do something more extraordinary? Acts like Zumba/yoga/interactive storytelling can potentially spice up your event!




Interesting fringe activities and workshops will keep even the kid with the shortest attention span occupied. Depending on the scale of the event, there can be a plethora of fringe activities to keep the little ones entertained while their parents are working hard. From face painting to craft workshops, the possibilities are endless and we are sure the little ones will be breathless with the wide selection! Take a look at some of our unique fringe suggestions below! 🙂


Crafty Workshops:

LolliBox’s Customizable Craft workshops –

Cost: starting from as low as $349 ( for up to 15 pax)*


LolliBox’s Craft buffet –

Cost: starting from as low as $399 for unlimited crafting experience (for up to 15 pax)*

* To get a customized quote just for your event, talk to us at!


Balloon sculpting:

Balloons booth –


Name Art Calligraphy:

Happier SG –






For some specialized professions, you may like to kick things up a notch by coming up with a mock working role-play segment to give kids the chance to experience working first-hand! While it will never be representative of real-life working, it can get them excited and curious about their parents working life and also inspire them to think about their future! A case study example will be the OCBC Kids @ Work1 where they actually set up a mock-up training room complete with fake passport and money! Kids can then take the chance to learn to make simple transactions such as depositing and withdrawing money. We thought it was very thoughtful of OCBC to go the extra mile to incorporate such role-playing into their event!



5) Opportunity for some chill time


Source: browntweedsociety

Even as we know children have abundance of energy, a full day event like KIDS@WORK can still tire them out! So do make sure to have an activity where kids can have the chance to relax yet have fun at the same time. So, keeping that in mind, we suggest movies! Choose from the most popular titles and create a cozy corner with beanbags and cushions and we are sure the kids will be very pleased with this segment.


Suggested titles:


How to train your dragon 1 & 2

Toy story 1, 2 & 3

Despicable Me

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs


Finding Nemo

Classics like The Lion King, The Little Mermaid or even Beauty and the Beast.



We hope that we have helped some of you in your planning of your company’s Kids@Work event! If you have other helpful tips, please feel free to sound out below.


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Catch you next time!



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