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Keep Kids Busy #1

This section is full of ideas that you can engage your kids and keep them busy while travelling in a car, waiting for food in a restaurant or while you are preparing dinner.

More often than not, the materials or items needed for the activities are everyday household items that you already have. Some activities do not need any props at all. The suggested age for each activity is just a guide – remember that every child is different and you will decide yourself if an activity is too easy or too hard for your child.

And yes, remember to give a lot of praises to your child as encouragement and this will build their confidence over time.


Keep Kids Busy –  Spot the Alphabet!

Suitable for: 4 years and above

For: At home; While travelling in a car

What  You Need: Paper, Pen or Pencil

Help your kids to write the alphabet down the side of the paper before you set off. As you drive along, get your kids to look out for something beginning with ‘A’ and write it down or draw it (if they have difficulty spelling out the words)

If you are playing this game at home, get the kid to find the items around the house and display them in alphabetical order.

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