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5 Ways to Survive a Plane Ride with a Toddler

It’s June holidays now and it only means one thing: TIME TO TRAVEL! Travelling is fun, exciting and adventurous especially when you’re with the right company. But it’s funny how nobody ever mentions the agonizing woes during travelling – when you’re on board. You’ll get restless, impatient, disoriented and enervated on board especially on a long haul flight.

And, can you imagine what it would be like when you have your kids on board with you?

flying with toddler


Let’s be honest. There is no perfect time to travel with a toddler but only ways to make your flight a smoother one. It’s time to get all the tricks out of your sleeves and be prepared for the ride!


1. Cloud Nine

A tired cranky child is an ultimate recipe for disaster.  The know-how is crucial to prevent any unnecessary tantrums.

tired toddler

Get them real cosy! Mimic sleeping routines by having them wear their pyjamas and making a trip to the washroom to brush their teeth. Bring accessories that they are comfortable with such as a stuffed toy animal so that they can be literally on cloud nine, 10,000 feet above ground. By scheduling your flights according to their sleeping/nap time helps to induce sleep.

For younger toddlers, get them to drink milk before bed. Milk is rich in amino acid tryptophan which helps in the production of sleep-inducing brain chemicals.


2. In-Flight Entertainment

bored toddler


Toddlers have very short attention span and they do not handle boredom well. It is essential to bring an assortment of activities to keep them entertained throughout the plane ride. Activity-based toys like play-doh, building a robot or craft kits help to keep their hands busy for some time!

Kids love surprises! Wrap the toys and give them at intervals to keep the activity flow interesting.

Check out LolliBox, a craft box that has all materials and educational content for hands-on projects that keep kids busy for hours!


3. HANGRY BABY (Hungry + Angry)

Hungry toddler


A hungry person is an angry person. This implies to children too. Do not rely too much on airplane meals as it might not suit the preferences of your toddler and might not be scheduled accordingly to your child’s usual meal timings. Prepare lots of healthy snacks that they love but avoid sugary treats! A sugar rush is something you would not want to encounter.

4.  Stuffy Ears

We all get stuffy ears whenever a plane takes flight due to the change in air pressure. This may cause discomfort and pain to your toddler.


Stuffed ears


A good remedy to ease their pain is to get your toddlers consume liquids or eat snacks that are crunchy or chewy while the plane is taking off. For younger toddlers, sucking on a pacifier can also help to sooth the discomfort in their ears.


5. Emergencies

Messy toddler meme


Plan ahead for any accidents like throw-ups, potty accidents or spills. Get a pack of baby wipes and a travel-sized hand sanitizer to clean up. An extra set of clean clothes would come in handy as well.

All you need is a litle bit of sugar, spice, and everything nice

There is no appropriate amount of preparation that can 100% guarantee a smooth flight. Remember that your child is not trying to give you or other passengers a hard time, but they are having a hard time. Show your child some love and comfort and they will definitely respond positively.

We hope these tips will be useful in making things a little easier for you and your family.

Bon voyage! Have a safe flight!


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