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5 Activities To Bond Families Despite Parents’ Busy Schedules




Job Deadlines. Household Chores. Family Time. School. These are the many worries that new-age parents in the are concerned about – keeping the balance between work and family.

Parents, like you, usually work long hours and spend your weekends or evenings doing household chores. With insanely busy lives, you may be perturbed about not being able to spend enough time with your children. You constantly seek for ways or time to enhance the parental bond – a bond critical for a strong and secure parent-child relationship.

But fret not! We have collated 5 simple activities that can enhance the parental bond between you and your children. Remember to inject your own ideas suitable for your family and add in your own personal touch to make the bonding session even more enjoyable and fun! Let us take a look at some of the possible activities.


1. Whip up A Meal Together

Cooking is probably the last activity that parents will do with their children, yet it is actually the most simple and best way to share, bond and work together as a family. Don’t be afraid of the extra clean-up, it is all worth it when everyone in the family have a fun time bonding together.



Have Pizza Sundays or Ice Cream Fridays! You can set aside a specific date or meal for your family, which gives you and your children a “together” time to look forward to. Prepare some fun cooking recipes such as fruity ice pops that can excite and keep your children hands and brains busy.



2. “Hands on” Together               

Living in a fast paced and stressful environment, crafting seems like a relaxing yet fun bonding activity. It is a time that allows children and parents to unleash their creativity and create a chance for you to pause, connect and catch up with your kids.


Find a fun craft that your children will enjoy and block out some time for them to enjoy crafting. However, parents do not need to worry about the hassle of getting different craft materials, Lollibox is here for you! Lollibox has more than 12 themes for you to choose from and we delivered them right to your door step. Convenient, right? Also, remember to be encouraging and provide positive comments when your children are working on their art work!



3. Embark on an Exciting Adventure Together

Get out of the house starting this holiday, because nothing beats a family outdoor adventure! This is a chance for you to spend quality time together with your children, and at the same time forge unforgettable and incredible family moments.


Families that Adventure Together, Stay Together. Let’s start taking in some fresh air and experience such fulfilling activities with your family.  For example, taking your kids out for a morning walk either at Macritchie Treetop Walk or Punggol Waterway Walk.



4. “Netflix and Chill” Together

The simplest family bonding activity ever. Nothing beats snuggling and hurdling up together to watch your family’s favourite movies. You may not know, but watching movies together helps to improve emotional bonding between family members, foster camaraderie and promote togetherness.

family movie night


You can start by setting aside time for a family movie night! To make it even more fun, make a trip out of it; Take your kids out to buy all their favourite snacks so that they can enjoy this night in to the fullest! So wait no more, select a movie to watch this week and enjoy the family time together.



5. Have Fun Together

How many of us actually recognises the importance of our children’s games and play it together with them? I bet very few of us do. It’s might be time to put aside your electronic devices and start getting down on the floor to play with your children!



Some parent-child games to consider are Monopoly, Pictionary, Wii or Play Station, depending on your children’s preferences. In short, play is imperative for our children. Well, why not set aside time for it since playing together can bring tons of laughter and fun to your family bonding time?


We hope this article was helpful to you! Family, to many, is a safety abode; a gentle blanket of security. Getting in on that parent-child bandwagon, “Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Remember, there will always be time for bonding activities as long as you put in the effort!

Do tell us about your experience if you have tried any of the above activities!

P.S. Do not forget to give your children hugs and loving words, everyday!

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