Here are some testimonials from our customers:

“LolliBox is totally great for overwhelmed and busy parents! New fresh ideas come to me and my kids. We’re so excited to see the next box!”
– Rosanna, mother of two

“Thanks LolliBox! I truly enjoyed seeing how free-form and imaginative my daughter was with the materials in the box.”
– Meiping, mother of 4 and 6 year old

“A wonderful product for the mommies that do not have the time or creativity to put all of the stuff together themselves and to do such things with the kids on their own!”
– Theresa, mother of 3-year-old

“My three-year-old daughter thoroughly enjoyed the activities that came in her first LolliBox. We had so much fun that I’ve already purchased a subscription to LolliBox!”
– Emelda, mother of 3-year-old daughter

“Talk about convenience! We mums LOVE anything convenient. In a nutshell, LolliBox provides the avenue and means for us to bond with our kids using mind-enriching art & craft activities. What an ingenious idea.”
– Kless, mother of two girls

“LolliBox is a keeper for sure! Just getting stuff in the mail is a big thrill for her… you know with kids, it’s the little things that they like”
– France, mother of one daughter

“I must say that it’s a very good experiment for siblings to engage them without arguing, fighting & shouting :)… LolliBox is indeed a perfect gift for mothers to engage the kids in creative activity!”
– Sheba, mother of 6-year-old and 4-year-old

“An incredible collection of goodies! I was amazed with the amount of activities, materials and content in there. Great value!”
– Sia Hui, mother of 5-year-old

“Dylan (3.5 years) typically has a short attention span but he was fascinated by the idea of being an architect and designing a zoo… In all, a great mommy-and-me bonding experience that was entirely iPad-free!”
– Shirin, mother of 3.5-year-old

“My child recently did his first craft with Lollibox, of which he is very proud to showcase… I was so proud to watch him do it and he had a great fun doing it. Thank you!”
– Vani, mother of 4-year-old

“Your boxes kept my elder one occupied and wanting more… cant wait for the next box! Love the ideas in each box… it’s like as if she gets a surprise birthday gift every month!”
– Winnie Tan, mother of 30 months and 14 months

Thank you very much for the great responses! It really warms our hearts and it’s great to know we have warmed so many children’s hearts!

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