What’s in the Box?

Here’s a sample of what’s in a LolliBox:

LolliBox Sample 1
LolliBox Sample 2
LolliBox Sample 3
LolliBox Sample 4
LolliBox Sample 5
LolliBox Sample 1LolliBox Sample 2LolliBox Sample 3LolliBox Sample 4LolliBox Sample 5

Amazing Animals

Activities and projects inspired by these wonderful creatures:


We’re Building A Zoo!

Design and make your own zoo. Explore and model with fun clay.


Now You See Me, Now You Don’t!

Explore and understand the concepts of animal camouflage using flashcards, colored craft sticks, and engaging questions.


More Monkey Business!

Additional activities to that further stimulate your child’s curiosity of animals with fun and exciting games and activities.


Color your own zoo photo frame – doubles as a fridge magnet.

From Our Customers

“Thanks LolliBox! I truly enjoyed seeing how free-form and imaginative my daughter was with the materials in the box.” – Meiping, mother of 4 and 6 year old

LolliBox Sample Plant 1
LolliBox Sample Plant 2
LolliBox Sample Plant 3
LolliBox Sample Plant 4
LolliBox Sample Plant 5
LolliBox Sample Plant 6
LolliBox Sample Plant 1LolliBox Sample Plant 2LolliBox Sample Plant 3LolliBox Sample Plant 4LolliBox Sample Plant 5LolliBox Sample Plant 6

Grow Plant Grow

As your kids watch their plant grow, you’ll watch your kids grow too!


My Little Flower Pot

Create your own flower pot, using various craft materials, flower template and fun clay. Stimulate creativity and develop art and fine motor skills.


I Am A Little Gardener!

Hands-on activity involving actual seeds and plants. Kids discover and observe how plants grow and note their observations in their very own observation journal.


More Plant Activities!

Carefully selected activities for further enrichment and development, such as leaf rubbing fun, seed identification, and literacy activities.


Grow Plant Grow Badge

Upon completion of all the activities, reinforce your child’s self-confidence and sense of achievement by awarding him/her with our “Grow Plant Grow” badge!

From Our Customers

“My three-year-old daughter thoroughly enjoyed the activities that came in her first LolliBox. We had so much fun that I’ve already purchased a subscription to LolliBox!” – Emelda, mother of 3-year-old daughter

In Every LolliBox:

  • In every LolliBox you’ll receive all the materials and inspiration for projects related to a theme such as animals, plants, colors and many more.
  • Projects may include arts and crafts, science activities, imaginative play and more.
  • We’ve specially hand selected and tested projects that are open ended and encourage curiosity, exploration and creativity!