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This LolliBox, we unleash the mechanic in your child through the process of putting together a robot buddy, explore magnetism through using magnets and putting together a tin robot, and experience various art techniques and materials in the process!

Create – My Robot Buddy
Unleash the mechanic in your child through the steps of putting together a robot buddy, not with nuts and bolts, but chenille stems and polyfoam shapes! Kids get to paint, decorate, build and link up different parts to form up and assemble a robot companion of their own.

Discover – Mr Robow-tic
An essential material used in any real-life robot - metal! In this project, kids explore and understand the wonder of magnetism, as they construct their cool tin metal robot, complete with a magnetic felt bow that adheres to the tin robot’s body. Kids get to further accessorize their tin robot with googly eyes, wooden block and mini craft sticks, to create a cool metal robot he/she can show off to all his/her friends.

Enrich – Robot’s Laboratory
Enjoy a good bonding session with your kid through additional carefully selected activities - kids will get to train their observation skills through searching for robot parts, and mix and match robot parts to build their own robots within a robot laboratory, all designed for children to learn and appreciate more about robots, and have fun in the process!

Award – Robot Buddy Badge
Upon completion of all activities, reinforce your child’s self-confidence and award him/her with our “Robot Buddy” badge!

Recommended Age: LolliBox is recommended for kids aged 3-7 years old.

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Price: from $28.90

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