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Ahh... our beautiful world of colours. Aren’t we all just amazed by the thousands of tones of different colours? We certainly can’t imagine a world without colours! This LolliBox, we let kids experiment and play with light, colours and patterns, and experience the special characteristics of bleeding coloured tissue paper!

Create – My Cool Kaleidoscope
Kids get to make their very own kaleidoscope, which provides children with a fascinating way to view the colourful world around them and never fails to fascinate with changing colours and the play of light. They will also get to learn more about colours and patterns, and understand how kaleidoscopes work as they put one together from scratch!

Discover – Tissue Paper Dyed Mat
With bleeding tissue paper, kids make their own personalized and colourful dyed placemat. Kids further get to develop their understanding of how plain fabrics can be dyed with colours. This fun activity allows them to create beautiful designs and blending of colours, and is also a fun way to learn about colours and dyes!

Enrich – Red, Green, Blue and More!
Enjoy a good bonding session with your kid through additional carefully selected activities - kids will get to learn more about colours of the rainbow, practice word literacy with a word puzzle search activity and get to know the names of different colours, and a fun science experiment with milk and food colouring, all designed for children to learn more about colours and more, and have fun in the process!

Award – My Colourful World Badge
Upon completion of all activities, reinforce your child’s self-confidence and award him/her with our “My Colourful World” badge!

Recommended Age: LolliBox is recommended for kids aged 3-7 years old.

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Price: from $28.90

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