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Icy Adventures

Kids are all intrigued by the unique culture of Eskimos and captivated by those cute little penguins, amongst many other distinctive elements of icy habitats. As kids embark on their Icy Adventures and let their imagination soar, these fun and educational projects and activities will be sure to keep them warm, both physically and in their hearts (as well as us parents’ hearts too)!

Create - Look! I’m a Little Eskimo!

Kids will have lots of fun creating their own Eskimo mask and decorating it in any way they like whilst they learn how Eskimos keep themselves warm. Imagination is bound to run wild while they ‘hunt’ for food with their furry Eskimo mask!

Discover - Penguin Snow-Bowling

Develop your kid’s creativity, and fine and gross motor skills through the process of creating and accessorizing their own penguin pins, as well as experience making their own ‘snowball’ with air-dry clay! Kids will enjoy the thrill of playing a snow-bowling game with objects they have created and are sure to have a blast bowling the penguin pins down!

Enrich - Icy Snowy Fun!

Enjoy a good bonding session with your kid through additional carefully selected activities - kids will get their Picasso-moment with creative ice painting, develop their balancing skills with a penguin race activity, and find out about animal hibernation while engaging their senses, all designed for children to learn more about icy habitats and have fun in the process!

Award - Icy Adventures Badge

Upon completion of all activities, reinforce your child’s self-confidence and award him/her with our “Icy Adventures” badge!

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