LolliBox – Blow Wind Blow Theme (Sold Out)

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If you realize, winds are everywhere around us. Be it the natural wind in the air, the wind we blow to cool our food, the wind created by electric fans, and many more. How important and useful winds are in our lives!

Create – Blow My Sailboat
Develop your kid’s fine motor skills through the process of painting and creating his/her own sailboat. Kids also get to better understand how sailboats work and how the wind can help propel sailboats!

Discover – I am a Wind Spy
Kids get to decorate their very own windsock and discover how windsocks are able to 'catch' the wind! They will also observe the effects of wind and note their observations in the observation card provided!

Enrich – Blow My Mind!
Enjoy a good bonding session with your kid through additional carefully selected activities that are sure to blow a wave of excitement in them! Kids will create their very own wind painting and do simple activities to learn more about the wind!

Award – Blow Wind Blow Badge
Upon completion of all activities, reinforce your child’s self-confidence and award him/her with our “Blow Wind Blow” badge!

Blow a breath of imagination and knowledge into the kids! Get your LolliBox now!

Note: Due to overwhelming response, this theme is fully sold out. A big thanks to all our fans and customers! Check out our many other fun, exciting and engaging LolliBox themes!

Recommended Age: Our LolliBox is recommended for kids aged 3-7 years old.

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