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LolliBox featured on Singapore's Child Magazine

Activity Time! | Singapore’s Child Magazine

“Searching for something enriching and engaging to do with your child? Look no further than LolliBox… this innovative service offers busy parents a convenient option to inspire creativity and curiosity in 3 to 7 year-old children”


LolliBox featured on

Benefits for the Family |

“LolliBox saves the trouble of parents running around to toy shops or craft shops to get different interactive activities… each LolliBox is sure to provide parents and children with an afternoon of fun and learning”


LolliBox featured on Today's Parents Magazine

Crafty Boxes | Today’s Parents Magazine

“Each month’s box will feature a different theme that encourages hands-on play to develop creativity and expression in children, saving parents the hassle of thinking up imaginative activities for their kids and shopping at craft stores to get all the materials needed”


LolliBox featured on Little Steps Asia

Box Full of Wonder | Little Steps Asia

“…filled the gap between quality parent/child bonding with their just-add-water approach to encourage discussion and creativity… In a land where rained-out activities demand new ways to entertain your kids inside, LolliBox gets an “A” for a job well done”


LolliBox featured on Simply Her magazine

How Crafty! | Simply Her Magazine

“Mark Children’s Day with more than just toys for your kids. Give them – and yourself – hours of fun with these creative kits… have a craft box of two to three projects delivered to your home monthly”


LolliBox featured on 8 Days magazine

LolliBox | 8 Days Magazine

“Why you should get it: ‘Cos you’re too busy to dream up cool activities for your bored tyke, then run around buying materials. And ‘cos you don’t want Junior to spend all his time on the Xbox or iPad”


LolliBox featured on Young Parents magazine

Get Crafty | Young Parents Magazine

“Cultivate your little one’s creativity at home with LolliBox craft kits… so you can focus on spending quality time with your child doing hands-on activities and creating memories!”


LolliBox featured on New Age Parents

Holistic Experience | New Age Parents

“What we like is how Lollibox makes the effort to ensure that your child will learn through a holistic experience. In the box, you will find four things to engage your kids…”


LolliBox featured on Expat Living Magazine

Box of Tricks | Expat Living Magazine

“Running out of things to do with your children…? Tired of going around art and craft shops buying materials for projects? …you can have LolliBox delivered to your door!”


LolliBox featured on Honeycombers

Crafty Fingers | Honeycombers

“Who doesn’t love a little craft inspiration – especially when the idea, materials and everything you need is delivered to your door!… We loved the look of satisfaction on our 3 year old when she created and decorated her own pot plant, and then watered seeds and watched their seedling grow each day…”


LolliBox featured on Sakura Haruka

Bub & Me: LolliBox Under the Sea Theme Edu-Play Kit |

“… sometimes I need a break from the hassle of work & household mundanes, and just let a package of fun drop at my doorstep… We received their latest LolliBox Under The Sea theme box, and that certainly got our Lil Pumpkin excited… I love how the materials are reusable and inspire us to think out of the box…”


LolliBox featured on Mangosteen Club Japanese magazine smart parents section

Child’s Creativity Development With Fun At Your Own Place | Mangosteen Club Magazine

“Children can enjoy and learn, at home and at their own pace. This is also a good solution for busy parents!”


LolliBox featured on

Cool crafts in a Lollibox |

“…put a smile on every child’s face, and of course, everyone knows happy kids equal happy parents… there were clear instructions in every activity pack… a good way to jump-start your creative engines at home”


LolliBox featured on

Fun Crafts in a Box |

“The kids were delighted to receive such a big box and were very eager to see the contents of the box… Certainly a great idea to get a LolliBox for your kids if you want`a fuss free art and craft session for children between 3-7 years old”


LolliBox featured on AJugglingMom

LolliBox |

“…like it that there are more than 1 activity within Lollibox and there is one that is bound to capture the child’s attention… a great opportunity for parents to bond with your children through learning and playing together”


LolliBox featured on

Crafts in a Box |

“The fun starts the moment you receive a LolliBox – my little boy was excited about the parcel and couldn’t wait to open the box to see what’s inside… really appreciate having a box of craft activities delivered right to our doorstep. I also like the clear instructions provided for each activity”


LolliBox featured on OurLittleSmarties

Lollibox – the Fun Craft Project |

“The price is very reasonable for so many activities provided in one box. I like the fact that it is theme-based, so we can focus on what needs to be learned and have an objective to achieve at the end of all the activities… In short, I think that it’s a really awesome product”