LolliBox Franchising

With over 20,000 happy parents and kids, more than satisfied 50 corporate partners and growing, and extensive media coverage across various media platforms, LolliBox is one of the most recognized brand name in developing creativity and delivering hands-on fun to kids!If you are interested in a terrific franchise opportunity and have a desire to open your own LolliBox store in your own country, here’s is your chance!

As Franchisor, LolliBox work with its franchisees to build profitable online retail businesses around the world. Our franchise partners will own and operate LolliBox in their respective countries selling products bought from our Singapore operations.

Franchise owners have the advantage of starting immediately with the benefits of name recognition, proven operating practices, shared buying power, on-site training, business consulting and more.

The Franchisor provides:
• An established and recognised brand
• The exclusive right to open stores in the agreed territory or country
• The supply chain and business systems that are vital to ensure an efficient operation
• Ongoing training programmes

The Franchisee provides:
• The resources to establish and develop a successful franchise business
• An understanding of the retail conditions in their country
• The necessary skills and experience to run a strong online retail business

We are now offering franchising rights in the following countries: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, India, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Australia

If you have any queries regarding franchising opportunities for LolliBox, please contact us at