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So You Think You Know Your CNY Greetings?


Bringing your child for visitations during Chinese New Year? Teach them to say something different than the usual “恭喜发财”s and “新年快乐”s! This is sure to endear them to their relatives and might even earn them more angbaos! Yay to more college funding!

Here are 8 phrases you might not have thought to use to kickstart your child’s CNY vocabulary:

1) 祝你狗年大吉! (zhù nín hóu nián dà jí)
Wishing you huge blessings in the Year of the Dog


2) 金玉满堂! (jīn yù mǎn táng)

May your gold and jade fill the halls.


3) 和气生财 (hé qì shēng cái)

May harmony bring you wealth.


4) 身体健康  (shēn tǐ jiàn kāng)

Wishing you good health!


5) 步步高升  (bù bù gāo shēng)

May every step take you higher.


6) 四季平安過旺年  (sì jì píng ān guò wàng nián)

Wishing you four seasons of peace and a flourishing year.


7) 年年有余Nián nián yǒu yú
Wishing you prosperity every year


8) 岁岁平安 (suì suì píng ān)
May you have peace at every age.


Fun Fact:

Did you know how did CNY come about?

According to myths and legends, there once lived a scary monster called “Nian” who surfaces every New Year’s Eve to eat the cattle and kill! It was later discovered that Nian was terrified red, fire and noise – henceforth sparking the traditions that last till this day.  This is why, we wear red, hang lanterns and light firecrackers (used to that it)!


Is there a go-to greeting that you use? Share with us below!


 From LolliBox to You,



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