About LolliBox

LolliBox was born out of the passion for hands-on fun that develops creativity and expression in every child. As parents, we understand the need to spend quality time interacting with our children and doing activities with them that stimulate their brain development and enrich their minds.The problem is that it’s tough to find time to do all the research to come up with engaging hands-on activities, let alone go to all the different stores to get all the different materials.That’s why we’re so excited as we created LolliBox! All the materials and content included in a box with a theme, delivered right to your doorstep, at your convenience.

We take your kids through a holistic experience that incorporates the major ways in which kids learn and engage:

LolliBox 4 Major Components are included:

Create A hands-on project to develop kids’ creativity and expression, with all the materials included!
Discover A theme-based project to enrich kids’ minds, with all the materials necessary to involve kids’ observation, experiment and active play!
Enrich Carefully selected activities and exercises to further educate and stimulate your kids’ imaginations!
Award We understand the importance of rewarding kids to boost their self-confidence and sense of achievement. A badge is provided for you to award your child upon completion of all the activities!
why parents & kids love LolliBox Why Parents and Kids Love LolliBox!

Save TIME:

No more running around to craft and super stores to gather all the materials. Get exactly what you need in each box without the errands!


Activities, educational content and resources are carefully selected to truly enrich your kids! We do all the research and validation, so you can focus on spending quality time with your children. Finally, something NOT on your to-do list!

Create Priceless BONDING:

With clear instructions and additional questions for you to engage your children, doing the activities creates a cherished bonding session between parents and kids. Start creating unique memories with your children!

Recommended Age Range:
LolliBox is recommended for kids aged 3-7 years old.
Additional Info: A number of parents have enquired and feedback that they wish to start off their kids early as young as 2 years old and we would recommend more parental guidance as you guide your little one along in doing the activities!

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